Free Download: Step-by-Step Guide for Treatment Centers to Advertise on Google Again


As of April 2018, qualified addiction treatment centers can run ads again on Google if they receive LegitScript's certification. Here's how this guide will help you through the process:

  • Step-by-step action plan to safely advertise on Google without getting your Google accounts blocked or shut down.
  • How to set your website, social media, and Google accounts correctly.
  • Extra steps you can take to ensure approval.

Ready to advertise on Google? Fill out the form and claim your simple guide to get started!

Oozle Media Knows PPC

We've recently partnered with Google to help treatment centers across the country advertise. Our free whitepaper will tell you what you need to know about the certification process. Here's why you should run PPC ads for your treatment center:

  • 80% of treatment centers are currently not certified. This time in the market is less competitive now tan it will be. It can be easier than ever to attract leads for you on Google. 
  • There has been a 58% decrease in the cost per click from years previous. It's less expensive to advertise on Google. 
  • The number of queries for treatment centers has gone up 4% between 2017-2018.